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If your organisation requires a policed-response to your CCTV then the only way to achieve this is through the installation of a BS8418:2010 detector-activated system.  The police incorporated CCTV police response under the URN scheme (previously just for burglar alarms) and adopted the requirement for BS8418 systems.  Many insurers are now insisting on BS8418 systems before underwriting risks for certain business, industries and bespoke operations.


A BS8418 system will in most cases, stop criminal acts BEFORE they occur!  Audio Challenge is a key feature of a BS8418 system.  An audio challenge warning issued by the Remote Video Receiving Centre will often rid the site under video surveillance from unwanted intruders.



An approved BS8418 system complies with Type A  Police SSP rules which receive a Level One Police response

We are able to provide BS8418 Type A systems, which comply with the Police Security Systems Policy.  BS8418 prescribes very specific guidelines and technical requirements that CCTV must be installed to. In addition to the normal surveillance cameras external movement detectors are placed around the perimeter. When the system is active should an intruder be detected the images from the relevant camera are transmitted to the Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC). RVRC operators can initially warn off would-be intruders issuing a remote challenge via PA speakers placed around the site. Should an intruder ignore the warning then immediate police action can be requsted.


Operators can pan, tilt and zoom any fully functional cameras to ensure good recognition and identification is achieved. However a system may use high definition cameras.  HD resolution can cover large areas allowing digital zooming without any noticeable pixilation.  Remotely monitored CCTV provides the earliest conceivable security response, when an intruder breaches your Building Perimeter.


BS8418 Police Response System or Security Officer Response Network Video System? BS8418 requirements are exorbitant (e.g. if mains power fails a standby generator is provided) and require a high end capex budget,  whereas a standard Network Video System with RVRC monitoring may be setup for Security Officer alarm response, for a lower capex budget than a BS8418 compliant system  (subject to acceptance from your Insurance providers Risk Assessors).


Is it easy to become compliant with BS8418?


To obtain a URN and therefore qualify to receive Police response, your CCTV system will need to comply with all of the following: -


NSI/SSAIB Certified Installation

Insurance Providers System Requirements

ACPO Security Systems Policy

BS 8418 Installation and remote monitoring

of detector activated CCTV systems

BS EN 50132-7: CCTV Application guidelines

RVRC capability of audio challenge

BS 8418 Police Response


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