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Freephone: 0800 281 014


Sonic Security Services Limited Registered in England & Wales Company No.2779190

NSI No.NAC/G/2493 | Safecontractor No.527775150 | VAT No.GB 576 8067 94 

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Sonic Security Services are installers of the INTREPID™ Perimeter Security Systems. The Next Generation fence mounted Perimeter Security Alarm System which integrates with Milestone, Honeywell products. 

Detects the cutting or climbing of a fence and locates an intruder to within 3m (10ft)!

The system includes power distribution, alarm communication,  fully integrated Windows based security monitoring & control software with full Alarm Reporting and Map Display Systems that communicate instantaneous alarm information. INTREPID™ Perimeter Security Systems are used worldwide in:


Power stations

Correctional institutions

Military bases

Industrial facilities

Financial Institutions

Bonded warehouse facilities

INTREPID™ Series II Single-Platform Detection Systems

INTREPID is fitted on 4 different fence types, chain Link, 50 x 50mm weldmesh, 358 weldmesh & Steel palisade.


INTREPID™ works with MicroPoint™ cable which detects any fence disturbance and locates it to within 3 meters.  Precise location allows proprietary digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms to detect any attempt to cut or climb the fence while ignoring distributed noise from wind, rain or heavy vehicles - Reliable detection is assured.


Alarms are signaled to a PC operating INTREPID Map Monitor or Perimeter Security Manager Software (a fully integrated security monitoring & control solution), a Windows-based security monitoring and control software package.  It displays the exact location of intrusion alarms to within 3 meters (10ft) on the map and provides the operator a text message with distance to user defined reference points.  INTREPID Map Monitor provides a sophisticated, yet easy to use graphical user interface managing all functionality related to intrusion detection alarms, events, and devices. INTREPID can be linked to CCTV systems, switching to cameras integrated with preset camera positions to view the area where the point of intrusion has been detected.  For more information check out the YouTube Video:

Intrepid Fence Alarm Installers

INTREPID™ Perimeter Fence Alarm Security System

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