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We are professional approved CCTV installers since 1992 and were the first security company to install a remotely monitored CCTV system in the UK via digital video storage transmission (DVST) and have been recognised for awards within our industry working closely with government, education, bespoke warehousing/logistics and production sites nationwide. We are able to match the solution to the problem working closely with our customers design requests.

Our CCTV solutions offer many benefits to our customers which help minimise theft, monitor safe working, managing day to day working, reducing potential false liability claims, remote monitoring of your property, reducing incident search times, assess marketing with hotspots, 3rd party integration and most of all protect your premises and assets.

We install High Definition (HD) cameras over IP networks using CAT5/6 cabling and Power Over Ethernet (PoE). This could be on a standalone or corporate network. We can also offer HD over existing coaxial systems.

If infrastructure is an issue, wireless technology or 4G routers can assist in image transmission. Should power and network be an issue, we offer a 4G solar powered solution, ideal in rural areas.

Our customers have the ability to view their system via smartphone, software or controlled video wall solutions for larger scale systems.

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These systems may use a variety of different camera technology as noted below.

High Definition cameras

HD images in darkness (exceptional night time images)

Night time colour cameras

Thermal technology cameras (accurate intruder detection)

Pan tilt and zoom cameras

Multiview cameras using one cable

Heat mapping cameras for marketing campaign

Reduced alarm managed cameras

Auto tracking cameras

Multiview and Pan tilt and zoom cameras

Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras (such cameras can be used for car park management, management of company roadways, staff/vehicle movement, although their use is varied and designed to meet many different requirements)

Atex rated explosion proof cameras

Barcode scanning cameras

Face recognition cameras for management of personnel or integration with access control

Marine cameras

Water cooling cameras

People footfall management via counting cameras

Subject to the amount of cameras on a project these can be designed to connect with standalone recording systems or integrate into a complete Video Managed Solution and other integrated systems. Should cameras be of key importance we can offer cloud facility service for your cameras. We can design such systems to meet government approval for List X and CPNI requirements

For additional security of your property, we can provide a 24/7 remotely monitored CCTV system protecting your premises seven days a week, all year round, remotely monitored by our NSI Gold, Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC).  Our RVRC has the ability to verify potential intruders at your premises and record events of criminal activity.  Such events will be logged and passed to keyholders and may then escalate to policed response subject to URN status.

A public address system integrated into your CCTV system will have the ability to warn off potential intruders. Our RVRC can even manage open and close response signals to your site for the extra enhancement of health and safety for your employees.

We would always recommend UPS battery back-up for your CCTV system and CCTV infrastructure, if this is of interest, please notify us at the time of our survey/quotation. UPS battery back-up helps protect your CCTV system in the event of power cuts and possible loss of potential data. We can also install SD cards in the event of network loss to enable the cameras to record locally until such connections are re-established.

With technology evolving and the ability to use cloud storage, we can provide our customers with the use of not using on site storage, or even adding critical cameras for existing systems with cloud back-up.

Within our service level agreement package, we offer the added benefit ahead of our competitors of using our RVRC CCTV 24/7 reporting. This feature allows our customer to manage their system with daily reports of system connection, cameras views, disk recording, record duration, time accuracy and image integrity. Such design criteria will be discussed at our initial design survey meeting and integrated into our proposal.

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