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We have two systems available to our customers an Alertex solution and an IP Netgenium based solution.

The ALERTEX Lockdown System comprises battery operated units which can be quickly installed on the school site over a weekend or even at the end of the school day; thus, minimising disruption to the learning environment. The battery life is around three years. A maximum of 64 units can be installed per site, with 16 mesh hops up to 1km apart. When one ALERTEX unit is activated, it will trigger all units in range to sound an audible alert or lockdown message, accompanied by a flashing beacon light. ALERTEX units can sound a variety of alerts to differentiate them from a fire alarm. There are 32 sounds to choose from, or alternatively, an annunciator variant can be ordered which has a built-in strobe. There is a standard lockdown message or the school may wish to record their own message. In some cases, the school may wish to play a music clip which pupils recognise as a danger and must make their way to their nearest classroom. ALERTEX call points and sounder / beacons are available as both internal and external (weatherproof) variants. Cages are also available for external units which may be prone to objects hitting them and causing a false alarm: i.e. footballs. Decibel levels can be adjusted so that external units can be louder than internal units.

The Netgenium system is a IP PC based system working via CAT5/6 cabling utilising PoE (Power over Ethernet). The benefits with Netgenium are endless being IP based we can integrate with access control systems. The customer can make announcements via a smartphone or software at exact speakers, set areas or global announcements. We also have the ability to play music, lockdown, make announcements or even add marketing to this system. This system has the ability to integrate with access control and CCTV systems.

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